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Why Every Community Association Needs An Independent Certified Arborist

Bring Arborist Excellence To Your Community Association

🌳Trust The Expert

As an International Society of Arboriculture Board Certified Master Arborist, I have specialized tree health and maintenance training. Don’t leave your tree concerns to guesswork; let the expert guide you.

🌳Tree Hazards

Concerned about that leaning tree or those overhanging branches? With over 30 years of experience, I assess potential hazards, ensuring your community remains a safe place for everyone.

🌳Objective Insights

I understand trees can be sentimental. Whether you're attached or looking for a change, my independent assessments ensure decisions are made with clarity and neutrality.

🌳Actionable Recommendations

I provide actionable recommendations that address your tree care issues.

🌳Cost-Efficient Solutions

Wrong tree decisions can lead to escalating expenses. With my guidance, you'll sidestep future issues and save in the long haul.

🌳Championing Preservation

Trees add undeniable value to any community. I’m here to provide strategies for their long-term health and vitality.

🌳Empower Through Knowledge

I’m committed to educating your community on tree care best practices.

🌳Stay Regulation-Ready

Navigating tree removal regulations can be tricky. As a member of the Florida ISA chapter Government Affairs committee, I ensure you're always compliant with local guidelines.

🌳Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Ignoring potential tree risks? That could be a costly mistake. Let me help you mitigate liabilities with a professional evaluation.

🌳Mediation Made Easy

Neighborly tree disputes? I'm here to provide strategies for their long-term health and vitality.

🌳Eco-Friendly Advocates

Beyond aesthetics, trees are environmental saviors. I can highlight the ecological contributions of your community's green giants.

Arborist Insights, Community Connection

Tree Inspections

  • Tree Health, Condition, and Risk Inspections.
  • Providing Actionable Recommendations and Solutions to your tree issues.

This solution is perfect for community associations that need an independent first or second opinion for their tree care issues.

Eliminate volunteer board or community members from evaluating trees and reduce your association's liability related to trees.

This solution is perfect for community associations that need an independent first or second opinion for their tree care issues.  

How It Works

  • One-off inspections for specific trees.
  • Ongoing Arborist Inspection services on an as-needed basis.
Arborist Pro Tip

Arborist Inspection Services...

... PERFECT for post-storm tree assessments and associations that require permits for tree removals!

Arborist Reports And Permitting


The Tree Law (Florida Statute 163.045) DOES NOT apply to common area properties in community associations. This law only applies to single-family detached homes.


Most Jurisdictions will not accept verbal, after-the-fact, incomplete, inaccurate, or misapplied Tree Risk Assessment reports.  This could result in your community association facing additional fines, fees, or penalties like this one:

My Arborist Reports follow International Society of Arboriculture standards and exceed your jurisdictional requirements.

Additionally, I can work with your municipality to streamline permitting you need to remove or prune trees.

Tree Inventory And Scorecards

One common problem most community associations face is understanding how to plan, budget, and manage their trees.  Trees are your largest and longest-living community association asset.

Without understanding your trees, how can you plan, budget for and properly manage your trees?


The most common answer is “We listen to our landscaper or tree company to tell us what to do.” Don't let the fox guard the henhouse?

The Tree CheckUp Scorecard™ solves this problem and more.

You get actionable recommendations and a work priority, so you know where to start!

Download my two-pager Tree CheckUp Scorecard™ information sheet HERE.

Planning And Management

If you have an existing tree inventory or a Tree CheckUp Scorecard™, your association may still need behind-the-scenes help, including:

  • Preparing RFP's (requests for proposal).
Arborist Pro Tip

Written scopes of work are often vague, incomplete, and ambiguous.

In addition to your written scope of work, I also prepare Video Scopes of Work.

This makes it easy for vendors to bid on the work and ensure you are getting exactly what you’re paying for.

  • Arborist Reports and permitting assistance.
  • Vetting vendors and ensuring that the work completed is what you paid for.
Arborist Pro Tip

Not all tree care companies are equal; most can’t accurately provide your needed services.

  • Emergency Response for weather-related events to prioritize and direct work.
  • Maintaining and updating your inventory.
Arborist Pro Tip

Your inventory doesn’t do any good sitting on a shelf.

  • Community Education.

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ISA Board Certified Master Arbotist

Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

ISA Member On Staff

John Snow, Consulting Arborist

TPA Certification Holder

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